Geordie Banger Co.

"Well our journey began in 2013, when I David McDonald decided to break into my families tradition and start a business selling sausages with recipes from 3 generations. Coming from a butchery back ground I knew that if this was going to work the products were going to have to be of a high standard. After researching through my grandfathers and fathers recipes I decided on 5 flavours and added a Geordie twist to them. I asked a friend that had a butchers if i could rent a space in his shop to make a few packs of sausages per week and see if they sell on the market. Sure enough on a cold crisp morning on Newcastle Quayside we sold all of our packs before 12pm. By 5pm that night i had 15 reviews on Facebook about how good these sausages were. This was the moment I said to my self I want to do this full time, I gave up my job and threw everything at it. 

By 2014 i was able to move into a fantastic facility on North Shields Fish Quay and produce my Geordie creations on the banks of the river tyne just like my father and grandfather did all those years ago."

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